Car Detailing Web Design Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Auto Detailing Website Conversion Rate Optimization

If your car detailing website (or any car care or film shop site) gets lots of traffic but not a lot of leads, it’s probably because it wasn’t designed with conversions in-mind.

How does that affect your bottom line? To be blunt, you’re leaving money on the table & throwing darts in the dark if you don’t know your site’s conversion rate.

Your website combined with tracking software like Google Analytics has the ability to tell you exactly how many visitors you had in any given time period and how many of them filled out your website form to become a lead.

You can be #1 on Google and still missing out on tons of opportunities due to a LOW CONVERSION RATE.

A good website should show up high on Google, have a great aesthetic, great content, & have tracking to let you know what sources are bringing in the most business.

Think about it like a way to make more informed marketing decisions.

Imagine your traffic from Instagram or Facebook is only 100 people per month but converts at a 30-40% conversion rate! That tells you that your social media strategy is doing really well and you now have a data-driven insight and confidence to invest more on social media.

Conversion rates are more than jut mobile-friendliness & ease of use. Most designers without CRO (conversion rate optimization) experience confuse these terms.

CRO can only be done by looking at data that shows you what is doing well and what needs work. That comes from Google Analytics & Heatmaps mainly.

Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
Below is Google Analytics report that shows traffic Source, Volume, Conversion Rate, & how much potential revenue each platform is bringin in!

This client of ours now has insights on where they should improve and Amplify their marketing efforts.

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