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3 Ways Your Detailing Design Affects The Types of Leads Your Shop Gets

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Want less “TIRE KICKERS”? Here are the 3 things to consider about your detailing design & how they affect the quality of leads and customers you attract.

#1 Attractiveness:

Good car detailing design can make your product or service more visually appealing, which can attract more customers who are drawn to aesthetically pleasing visuals similar to how they are attracted to their really nice car. They have an eye for aesthetics so naturally they will be more likely to engage or view your auto detail websites, social media, videos & have a higher likelihood of becoming a lead.

#2 Trustworthiness:

Good design can also make your detailing, tint, PPF, wraps or any service you provide appear more professional and trustworthy. This is key in our experience working with over 300 shops world-wide. The shops that had a high-end website, branding, video & photos, had much higher conversion rates on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, & Organically (SEO).

When people see your shop or mobile detailing service for the first time, they obviously don’t have any background information so first impressions are crucial in how you want them to feel about you. Here is the #1 question we ask our web design clients before we start on the detailing design, “When people see your business what kind of perception do you want them to have of it?”. Your online presence is a direct extension of your business. Does your web design, branding, social media posts, photos, or videos align with the quality of work you do? Do you believe it properly presents the right perception of the attention-to-detail we detailers preach?

#3 Visual Consistency:

Overall, it comes down to your attention-to-detail on your online presence. A sub-par online presence is the main reason why a lot of your leads are ‘TIRE KICKERS”. As detailers, we’re always saying,”YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”. The same thing applies to your investment in your business strategy when it comes to design. Below are two examples of online & offline consistency using Gloss Technique a Ceramic Coating shop in Fresno, CA.

online presence

Car Detailing Design Website

Offline Presence


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