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Car Detailing Web Design Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Auto Detailing Website Conversion Rate Optimization

If your car detailing website (or any car care or film shop site) gets lots of traffic but not a lot of leads, it’s probably because it wasn’t designed with conversions in-mind.

How does that affect your bottom line? To be blunt, you’re leaving money on the table & throwing darts in the dark if you don’t know your site’s conversion rate.

Your website combined with tracking software like Google Analytics has the ability to tell you exactly how many visitors you had in any given time period and how many of them filled out your website form to become a lead.

You can be #1 on Google and still missing out on tons of opportunities due to a LOW CONVERSION RATE.

A good website should show up high on Google, have a great aesthetic, great content, & have tracking to let you know what sources are bringing in the most business.

Think about it like a way to make more informed marketing decisions.

Imagine your traffic from Instagram or Facebook is only 100 people per month but converts at a 30-40% conversion rate! That tells you that your social media strategy is doing really well and you now have a data-driven insight and confidence to invest more on social media.

Conversion rates are more than jut mobile-friendliness & ease of use. Most designers without CRO (conversion rate optimization) experience confuse these terms.

CRO can only be done by looking at data that shows you what is doing well and what needs work. That comes from Google Analytics & Heatmaps mainly.

Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
Below is Google Analytics report that shows traffic Source, Volume, Conversion Rate, & how much potential revenue each platform is bringin in!

This client of ours now has insights on where they should improve and Amplify their marketing efforts.

If you own a Car Care or Film Shop like me and want a high converting website designed for you business, check out our recent work, reviews, process, and pricing on our auto detailing website design page:

View our car detailing web design portfolio, reviews, process & packages on our website:

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CAR DETAILING TikTok, FB, IG, Google: Digital Marketing 101

Car Detailing Digital Marketing 101 for TikTok, Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram

Learning Objective

Today you will learn how to brand and market your business on TikTok, Facebook, & Google effectively. This is a basic over view especially helpful for Ceramic Coating Marketing.


  • Position & Brand Your Business First
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • TikTok Ads


Positioning Your Business to Avoid Becoming “Just Another Car Washer”


Branding is not your logo it’s what others think of your business based on how you present it using graphics, quality of content, uniforms, etc.


To position your business as high-end you must have:
- A Professional Logo
- Professional Attire
- Good content and grammar
- Rule of Thumb: Educate, Entertain, or Engage



  • Scrolling
  • Not looking to buy anything


  • Ads have to be compelling
  • Examples: Discounts, Special Offers, Amazing Compelling Video
  • Facebook Lead Forms
  • Sales Page



  • Highly Interested or Researching
  • Prospect is interested and is either looking for someone to solve their problem or to fill a knowledge gap


  • Ads have to match the search query the prospect is making
  • Example: If they are searching “car polishing near me”, Ad needs to say “Best Car Polishing in Fresno - Get A Free Quote”



  • Scrolling
  • Not looking to buy anything
  • BUT, people are still not aware of the ads they are viewing like they are on FB and YouTube and IG.


  • Ads have to be engaging and make the viewer feel like they’re just watching a cool tiktok
  • Examples: Influencer video partnership. Satisfying videos showing before and afters with a call to action.


Visual Chart for Car Detailing Digital Marketing

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5 secrets of a high performing car detailing website.

5 Traits of Great Auto Detailing Websites for Ceramic Coating, PP, Wrap & Tint Shops

Our 5 Traits of Great Auto Detailing Websites for Paint Protection, Wrap & Tint Shops


THIS RESOURCE IS FOR SHOPS THAT OFFER: Detailing, Coatings, PPF, Tint, Wraps.

Having an effective website for you shop or mobile business is one of the best ways to grow your online presence. You’ve built your client base on word-of-mouth and at some point you’re wondering,”How can I grow faster & reduce the stress of slow seasons?’

One way to grow very  quickly is making sure your website is aligned to appeal & compel the ideal customer. Today, you will learn the 5 secrets to a high-performing website that will help you grow quickly if done right!

If you’re building a new site or wondering why your current site is not performing well, this article is for you. Through hundreds of hours of building detail sites and analyzing what really made a difference in generating leads, we came up with these 5 secrets:

Secret 1. High-End CAR DETAIL WEBSite Appeals to High-End Clientele

Having a website no matter what helps. BUT, you might find yourself getting lots of tire kickers & people with just old cars that want deep interior details for $100!

The aesthetic of your design makes a huge difference in the quality of your leads. You want a website that has a design that is dope enough to make people feel like they can not afford you & present you as exclusive. The last thing you want to do is blend in and just be another car washer in your city.

A big part of high-end design for detailing sites is photography and video. I recommend you invest in at least 1 photo & video shoot every 2 months to help create an online presence that matches your quality on-the-job.

Here are 3 examples of High-End websites that we have built at Shop Positioner (previously known as The Feel):

Secret 2. Write Content That Speaks To The Customer At Their Level not At Yourself as a Professional.

Okay, so you did a good job of getting people to your website with High-End Design but it’s not getting any leads WHAT THE HECK RIGHT?! It’s mind blowing how many times I’ve re-designed websites that brought in lots of traffic and looked really good.

Good design without compelling content is one of the #1 ways to waste money on an auto detail site. So, what does it mean to have compelling verbiage? It’s better if I give you examples so you can make some changes after reading this.

Paint Protection Film:
Bad example points: makes you the hero, is self-centered, is transactional and not personal.

Bad: We provide the highest quality paint protection film installs in los angeles for affordable prices. If you want the job done right call us to get protected by the best.

Good example points: it makes the customer the hero & you the guide to peace of mind. It goes beyond ppf, provides terminology education, provides proof of previous experience with local car owers (for seo too), it calls them to action.

Good: Your new vehicle is at risk of rock chips and abrasion every day it’s not protected. We are a professional paint protection film shop in Los Angeles & have helped hundreds of local New /Performance car owners protect their investment. Paint protection film aka clear bra is more than paint protection, it’s peace of mind. Get a free quote today by calling us or filling out the form below.

Ceramic Coating example:
Bad example points: makes you the hero, it uses terminology that will resignate with detailers but not so much with customers, It has no call to action.
Bad: We offer nano-ceramic coatings that are and have 9h hardness we are the best coating installers in our area.

Good example points: it makes the customer the hero, it presents the multipole benefits of coatings like SHINE & PROTECTION & LONGEVITY. It presents the outdated form of wax to indirectly educate the customer on the type of product by using something they might know about like WAX. it calls them to action.

Good: Would you like to add unmatched shine and protection to your vehicle? Our ceramic coatings provide a sacrificial layer on top of your clear coat that repels water and grime making your vehicle easier to clean. These protective coatings have a hardness of 9H & above, which is 2 times stronger than your average clear coat, & they last for years unlike traditional wax. View our coating packages or get a free quote today.

Secret 3. Provide Your Visitors With Social Proof / 3rd Party Validation

This is by far the most simple one and easiest. Having testimonials specific to each service goes a long way in getting people to inquire. Having general reviews is okay too but I recommend having ceramic coating testimonials and images under the ceramic coating section of your site.
Create a page or add sections throughout your pages for Reviews/Testimonials on your site and link to it throughout your services.

PRO TIP: The GOD LEVEL way to execute this is to have your customers record a testimonial video as they pick up their car, upload this to youtube for (youtube SEO), and embed it on your website to kill to birds with one stone.

This makes it clear that you’ve been trusted with other people who had a similar need and they recommend you! Adding yelp review badges, facebook average rating (assuming it’s 5 stars) in your footer goes a long way.

You can use review services like or my favorite

4. Your website should be able to track every single lead that comes in otherwise you’re left in the dark wondering if your site was worth the money.

How do you know what is right and what is wrong with your website? You might have Google Analytics on your site but do you know how to leverage that data into practical website updates? Here is the #1 area that will change the game for your detail website.

1. Conversion tracking: Having tracking in place that tells you when your website has successfully turned a visitor into a lead. This can be accomplished through Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics. Once this is set up, you’ll be able to see where your leads are coming from and how all channels are doing in terms of conversion rates. Here are some examples of what the data can look like for you.

Ceramic Coating Conversion Tracking January 1 – January 31, 2022:

I got this client 56 leads and you can see on the left column where they came from and what the conversion rate for each channel was. Based off this we know that most channels that are bringing in traffic are doing a good job so our marketing is solid.

Paint Protection Film Conversion Tracking January 1 – January 31, 2022

I got this client 13 PPF / Clear bra leads and you can see that most of them came directly to the site or through Google ads. We can see that Facebook only brought in 1 and we need to work on that.

5. A GOOD CAR DETAILING WEBSITE DESIGNER WILL MAKE YOUR SITE LOAd quickly it is one of Google’s most important things for user experience and SEO.

How long does it take your website to load when someone visits it? 1, 5, 10 seconds?  It should take your website no more than 3 seconds to load according to Google’s best practices. You can find out how long it takes by using Google’s speed tool or a 3rd party tool that I like called GTMETRIX.

There are a few tools that we recommend for speeding up your website if you use WordPress:
– WP Rocket – WPMU Dev or other plugins that help compress your images, minify code, & cache content.

Remember this, a successful website includes high-level Design, Marketing & Sales. A website is a part of a sales team. If your sales guy was not selling a single detail, ppf job, or coating, you would fire him in a heartbeat

I am a shop owner just like you and I’ve built over 300 websites specific to coatings, detailing, ppf, tint, & wraps! If you are interested in getting a quote for a website that has these 5 characteristics & more, get a free web design quote today:

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